Motorola G30 Back Screen Guard


Motorola G30 Back Screen Guard


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Motorola G30 Back Screen Guard Contains HD Clarity with 100% transparency and oleophobic anti-smudge coating maintain your device’s original HD viewing experience and high-sensitivity touch response. First of a Kind  Back Guard FLAT SCREEN FIT: Rounded edges for flawless integration and smooth feel. It is a DIY product, no need to be dependent on the others, Follow simple instructions given on the Packing NON-SHATTER: Unlike Normal Glass, these glasses are Unbreakable and can’t be damaged easily, making it safer and long life for the glass screen of your phone. REMOVABLE: If broken can be removed easily and replaced. PICTURE MAY DIFFER SOME TIME.

Inside Box

. 1 Back Screen Guard White Color Full Screen
. Kit contains wet and dry wipes, Back Screen Guard in branded 2 layer packing

Weight 0.150 g
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 4 cm
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